Nativo Açaí Case Study

Web Design / Development + Online and Social Marketing

Rich, eye-catching design for a fun Miami-based brand serving up bold Brazilian flavors

SVBK worked with Nativo Acai to create a new website and social media presence based on the brands appealing acai products. Presenting a refreshing take on retro tropical design, SVBK's brand overhaul and social media campaign for Nativo captures the product's fun and compulsively craveable character through a stimulating online showcase and engaging social media platforms.

Visual Refresh

SVBK's modern, playful take on Nativo's signature tropical aesthetic is awash in rich imagery and a vibrant Brazilian-inspired color palette.

Brand Strategy

Developed to maximize brand exposure and find new audiences for Nativo's products, SVBK's brand strategy outlines on and offline initiatives for maximum product exposure.

Social Media

A product this good deserves multiple dynamic social media platforms. SVBK's social media strategy created tailored, signature Nativo content for a spectrum of carefully selected social platforms.

A rich, engaging showcase inspired by bold Brazilian flavor

SVBK's overhaul of Nativo Acai's website transformed the product's site into a visually engaging platform for discovering and purchasing authentic Brazilian acai. Inspired by the colors and textures of the Amazon, SVBK created custom graphics and compelling content, optimized to attract visitors and allow for an easy transition for discovery to purchase with a simple to navigate online shop.

  • Smart user experience

    Discover Nativo products, recipes, and more with an engaging and easy to navigate site.

  • E-Commerce Simplified

    A streamlined shopping experience makes exploring and ordering products almost effortless.

We engaged and inspired

SVBK's targeted social media strategy for Nativo Acai considered the product's strong visual appeal and on-trend character to craft platform-driven initiatives with a strong graphic punch. Combining carefully selected celebrity spokesman, delectable imagery, and fresh concepts, SVBK helped kickstart the Nativo Acai social platforms and encouraged a wider audience to engage through consumer-generated contributions.